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Upson County Qualified Candidates

Board of Education - District 1

Incumbent, Angeline McGill (NP)

Ken Whaley (NP)

Board of Education - District 3

Brent King (NP)


Board of Education - District 5

Incumbent, Scott Roberts (NP)

F. "Anne Massengale" Williamson (NP)

Board of Education - District 7

Steven South (NP)


Probate Judge

Danielle McRae (NP)


Upson County Soil & Water District Supervisor

Tracy Lee Boyt (NP)

Upson County Sheriff

Dan Kilgore (R)

Clerk of Superior Court

Jessica Harper Jones (R)

Incumbent, Teresa Meier (R)

Upson County Coroner

K. Craig Stubbs (R)


Tax Commissioner

Incumbent, David "Andy" Chastain (R)

Heather Rush (R)

Chief Magistrate Judge

Hannah Ellington Arnette (NP)

Mia J. Collier (NP)

William Hughley (NP)

Cecil Hutchins (NP)

County Commissioner Chairman

Incumbent, Norman Allen (R)

Dan Brue (R)

William R. "Bill" Maher II (R)

Edward J. Searcy II (D)

County Commissioner - District 1

Christopher Biggs (D)

George Carriker (D)

Dominic Terry (D)

County Commissioner - District 2

James Ellington (R)

City Council Member at Large of Yatesville

Karen Knight

John Long IV

Donna Neill

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