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Hiking Trails

Gerald I Lawhorn Scouting Base/Camp Thunder

The Gerald I Lawhorn Scouting Base is a 2,400 acre outdoor facility that includes three program areas:

Traditional camping facility opened in 1938.

The Lawhorn Scouting Base is located less than 1 ½ hours south of Atlanta in the Pine Mountain range.

The base facilities include:

  • 3 Lakes for fishing, canoeing, swimming, rowing, and sailing.
  • The BSA’s largest climbing center with 4 towers, an indoor cave, and natural rock face (Dripping Rock).
  • Outfitter with canoe, tubing, and kayaking trips on the Flint River (camp has 3 miles of riverfront).
  • Complete COPE course (ropes course) with low and high elements.
  • 6 permanent shooting ranges for archery, BBs, pellets, rifles, shotguns, and black powder.
  • Air-conditioned dining halls with full industrial kitchens.
  • 20 Developed campsites with platform tents, 3 primitive campsites with shelters and water, and 16 Backcountry campsites.
  • 21-Miles of hiking trails.

In addition to frequent year-round use by Scouts, the Lawhorn Scouting Base is a hotspot for non-Scout groups that include colleges, churches, sports teams, and businesses.  Groups come to Lawhorn for training, team-building, conferences, and just to have fun!  We offer everything from high adventures in climbing and rappelling to more relaxed hiking and canoe trips.

The Lawhorn Scouting Base is a leader in camping, outdoor education, and adventure programming.

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Sprewell Bluff Hiking Trails

There are multiple hiking trails spanning across the Sprewell Bluff Park area. In particular, there is a three mile winding/looping hiking trail that ventures over the bluff and is made to take in the excellent views from Mother Nature. There is also a hiking trail named the "Widow Maker". It's more for the experienced hiking enthusiast!