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  • Leadership Upson Programs

    The Thomaston-Upson Chamber offers two different leadership programs geared towards the Upson County community; Youth and Adult Leadership Upson.

    Youth Leadership Upson

    The mission of YOUTH LEADERSHIP UPSON is to expose selected high school students exhibiting leadership traits to the business, political and civic working of our community.

    This group is made up of seniors, juniors and sophomores that are residents of Upson County and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in their school, church and community.  Each student is selected for a one-year school term and to successfully complete the program, a student must attend each scheduled class.

    Youth Leadership Upson is sponsored by: Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce, Upson EMC, Ten Cate Protective Fabrics, Upson-Lee High School & Adult Leadership Upson.


    If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 706-647-9686.


  • Adult Leadership Upson Class takes first official tour since Pandemic in March 2020

    The Adult Leadership Upson Class, sanctioned by the T-U Chamber of Commerce typically is a nine month program that is held every other year. Of course 2020, was a huge exception. The class, which began in March 2020 with a team building tour at The Ridge, abruptly ended a few days later when schools, businesses and really the world began closing up because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The class originally in March of 2020 had 17 adults signed up. We have lost a few of our classmates along the way with some changing jobs and others just not being able to find the time to do the program. From January to May 2021, the adults have still been keeping in contact by holding Webinars with the JW Fanning Leadership Institute. During the tour held on Thursday, Aug 19, the adult leadership class toured the Upson County Sheriff's Office, meet with City Manager Russell Thompson, had a sit down with County Manager Jason Tinsley, Magistrate Court Judge Jan Streetman, learned about upcoming events at Sprewell Bluff Park and their new masterplan and was able to hear first hand from our Upson County Coroner James George. The adults also met with IDA Director Kyle Fletcher and learned more about what makes our community a great place to locate a business and we ended up the day at the T-U County Airport with Mitch Ellerbee and his crew. Although we weren't able to take our normal flight over Upson County this year due to the weather, the class learned how important and how fortunate we are to have an airport of this caliber in Upson County.

    Those pictured in the photo: Adrienne Shales (Be In Health), Vanetta Moss (Upson County Family Connections), Luke Haney (The Upson Beacon), Kyle Stonecipher (West Central Georgia Bank), Brock Barfield (Georgia Power Company), Mary Hefton (Be In Health), Shannon Lawson (Council on Alcohol & Drugs Incorporated). Adult Leadership Class members that could not attend this tour: David Banks (Georgia Power Company), Nathan Gaskin (The Peoples Bank of Georgia) and Kristie Pitts (DPH District 4). The Adult's next meeting will take place on Sept 23 with a tour of all of our local schools in Upson County. 

    • Dropping-those-pills.jpg
      Dropping off pills that have expired so that they do not get into the wrong hands!
    • Front-of-Sheriffs-office.jpg
      Finished up tour with the Sheriff Dan Kilgore
    • jan-Streetman.jpg
      Listening in with Magistrate Judge Jan Streetman
    • County-with-Jan-Streetman.jpg
      Met with Upson County Commissioner Jason Tinsley, Judge Streetman, Coroner James George & Sprewell Bluff Park Manager Sarah
    • Build-Upson.jpg
      Met with IDA Director Kyle Fletcher
    • Pit-stop-at-the-Gathering-grounds.jpg
      Had to take a break at The Gathering Grounds in Thomaston
    • Airport-Funny.jpg
      Thanks to Mitch Ellerbee at the T-U County Airport for driving us around the airport on Aug 19.
    • Airport.jpg
      Just for giggles! It had been a long day!
  • Upcoming Events

  • Adult Leadership Upson

  • Adult Leadership Upson is a comprehensive, results-oriented leadership development program administered by the Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce.

    The program is designed to inspire and prepare graduates to be active and effective leaders in the Upson County community through the following:

    Education - Stimulating monthly programs held in locations throughout Upson County provide participants with insight on, and understanding of, a variety of important community issues.

    Networks - Strong networks of valuable relationships are developed as participants who are selected to represent a variety of occupations and professional interests interact regularly during a retreat and other social activities.

    Involvement - In-depth community-oriented projects provide a unique opportunity to increase community awareness, develop interpersonal skills and contribute to the community's progress.

    Personal Enrichment - Special skills sessions result in increased self-esteem and self-confidence. Participants also earn leadership credentials upon completion of the program. Successful completion requires an investment of time and energy. A sincere commitment will prove beneficial to the participant and the community.