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  • What does Newly Elected Governor Brian Kemp do when the Chamber's Youth Leadership Upson Class ask for a Selfie?

    • Gov-Kemp-Selfie-with-YLU.jpg
      Youth Leadership Upson Class of 2019 asked Governor Kemp to take a Selfie with them, and he did just that!
    • Governor-taking-selfie-with-students-photo-of-photo.jpg
      Newly Elected State Representative Ken Pullin snapped this shot of newly Elected Governor Kemp taking a selfie with YLU
  • Leadership Programs

    The Thomaston-Upson Chamber offers two different leadership programs geared towards the Upson County community. 

  • Youth Leadership Upson

    The Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce and Upson EMC are pleased to announce the Youth Leadership Upson Class for the 2018-2019 school year: Kyler Allen, Ashlynn Anderson, John Armstrong, Rachel Cochran, Maliyah Howell, Trey Kelly, Kollen King, Ben McDaniel, Colby McRae, Knox Miller, Avery Pardue, Makayla Sanders & Brittney Woodard

    The mission of YOUTH LEADERSHIP UPSON is to expose selected high school students exhibiting leadership traits to the business, political and civic working of our community.

    This group is made up of seniors, juniors and sophomores that are residents of Upson County and who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in their school, church and community.  Each student is selected for a one-year school term and to successfully complete the program, a student must attend each scheduled class.

    An orientation for the 2018-2019 Youth Leadership Upson Class will be held on Monday, October 1 at 5:30 pm at the Upson EMC Annex Building. All Youth Leadership Upson participants or a parent are required to attend.

    Youth Leadership Upson is sponsored by: Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce, Upson EMC, Ten Cate Protective Fabrics, Upson-Lee High School, Adult Leadership Upson and The Pie.

  • Upcoming Events

  • Adult Leadership Upson

    Adult Leadership Upson is a comprehensive, results-oriented leadership development program administered by the Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to inspire and prepare graduates to be active and effective leaders in the Upson County Community.

    Participants are selected by an application and interview process. Once the class has been selected, this 12 month program allows potential leaders the chance to learn more about the community in which they live in or serve

    The Adult Leadership Upson Class of 2018 have been selected and those participating in the program this year are: Nash Austin (EMC Engineering), Joey Barrett (Georgia Power Company), Nate Crawford (Hannah's Mill Animal Hospital), Chandler English (Upson Regional Medical Center), Tracy Harper (SouthCrest Bank), Al Hinson (Thomaston Hospice), Ben James (United Bank), Alex Perry (EMC Engineering), Michael Powell (Upson County Family Connections), Bryce Robinson (Thomaston-Upson School System), Katie Salter (Tidal Wave) and Russell Thompson (City of Thomaston).

  • Adult Leadership Upson 2018 Photos

    • Dart-w2267-w1600.jpg
      Touring DART with our Hair and Beard Nets on
    • Dart-without-net-w1569.jpg
      Photo at DART without our nets
    • Criterion-Technology-w1655.jpg
      After Touring Criterion Technology
    • Interfor.jpg
      After Touring Interfor
    • Capitol-Tour.jpg
      Group Photo at the State Capitol
    • Alex.jpg
      Governor Alex Perry
    • Ben-James.jpg
      Governor Ben James
    • Ben.jpg
      Governor Nash Austin
    • Katie.jpg
      Governor Katie Salter
    • Capitol-steps.jpg
      Group photo on the Capitol Steps
    • Rebels.jpg
      Rebels without a Cause
    • Lindsey.jpg
      Lindsey Matthews smiling her best smile
    • at-Georgia-EMC.jpg
      Group photo at Georgia EMC in Atlanta
    • DOT-2.jpg
      Group at the DOT District office
    • Airplane.jpg
      Ladies on a plane, Chandler English, Tracy Harper and Katie Salter
    • Alex-on-a-plane.jpg
      Alex Perry
    • Angie-and-Nate.jpg
      Nate and Angie Weatherford
    • Ariel-Shot.jpg
      Arial view of Upson County
    • Bryce-and-Lor.jpg
      Benny Tucker, Lori Smith and Bryce Robinson
    • Guys-on-a-plane.jpg
      Guys on a plane, Ben James, Nash Austin and Joey Barrett
    • Katie-Salter.jpg
      Katie Salter and Mitch Ellerbee
    • Nate-on-a-plane.jpg
      Nate Crawford
    • Plane-taking-off.jpg
      One of the planes taking off
    • UL-Pre-K-ADLU.JPEG
      Upson Lee Pre-K Class
    • UL-Pre.JPEG
      In Front of UL PreK
      Upson Lee Primary
      STEM Outside work area at ULSE
      Upson Lee Elementary
    • ADLU-Middle-School.JPEG
      After touring Upson Lee Middle School
    • Archives---Copy-w1560.jpg
    • Archives-1-w792.jpg
      T-U Archives
    • Petti-Grew-White-Stamps-w1040.jpg
      Petti-Grew White Stamps House
    • Petti-Grew-outdoors-w678.jpg
      Petti-Grew White Stamps House
    • Skipping-rocks-at-the-bluff-w1164.jpg
      Sprewell Bluff Park - Skipping Rocks
    • The-Rock-Ranch-w1164.jpg
      The Rock Ranch
    • Rock-Ranch-2-w1074.jpg
      The Rock Ranch
    • Rock-ranch-3-w824.jpg
      The Rock Ranch
    • rock-ranch-4-w1164.jpg
      The Rock Ranch
    • rock-ranch-5-w1722.jpg
      The Rock Ranch - The men became party poopers and didn't want to have their photos taken any more!