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  • Annual Flint River Poker Float

    The Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce holds its annual Flint River Poker Float the third Saturday in May each year. Participants of the Poker Float pay to play poker on the Flint River. The participate with the best five-card stud hand wins a new Kayak from The Outside World/Columbus. Second Best Hand wins $250 and third best hand wins $150. We even have a $100 bill for the participate that draws the worst possible poker hand.

    This event is a blast each year and is well attended by avid floaters of the Flint River, as well as participants that come from all of the state of Georgia. We invite you to make plans to float the Flint River with us next May 2017!


    • Volunteers_from_the_Float.jpg
      Volunteers that made the 2016 Flint River Poker Float Event Possible
    • 123_place_winners-w2091-w1971-w985.jpg
      Danny Sweat, Poker Float Vice-Chair, 1st Place Traci O'Neal, 2nd Place Victoria Buckner, 3rd Place Sabrina Lancaster and Barry Wheeless, Poker Float Chair
    • 2nd_place_tie-w2046-w1023-w1010.jpg
      Sweat, Poker Float Vice-Chair, 2nd Place Sam Daut and Wheeless, Poker Float Chairman (We had a tie for 2nd place)
    • Chris_Dickerson.JPG-w1039-w1015-w1002.jpg
      Chris Dickerson was the 4th Place Winner of a new Kuer Cooler donated by Twice the Ice
    • 50_50_winner-w1890-w945-w936.jpg
      Sweat, Poker Float Vice-Chair, 50/50 Winner Traci O'Neal, Wheeless, Poker Float Chairman and Lori Smith, Chamber President
    • Carol_Eisen.JPG-w1082-w1072.jpg
      Carol Eison was the winner of our Early Bird Drawing. She won a new Roadie YETI Cooler donated by AgSouth Farm Credit
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